Central News for February 3, 2014

Central News for February 3, 2014

Our Messages

Well, due to the icy conditions (you could skate across our parking lot) we didn’t have services yesterday.  Which means…no message from yesterday, either…

Time to Begin

Knowing God’s Will

Filled For a Purpose


What’s Happening At Central

The Advisory Board will meet on Monday, February 17th at 6:30 PM.

Central will host our (almost) annual Pinewood Derby this year on Saturday, March 29th.  Entry is free and racing will begin at 9:00 AM.

Start preparing now for the 2014 World Missions Offering, which will be collected on Sunday, April 27th in our morning worship service.

The Watoto Children’s Choir is coming to Central on Wednesday, April 30th!  We will need host homes for the children, so please let Pastor Alan know if you can host 2-3 children (plus an adult sponsor) for a night.

The Greater Kansas City District Association of Free Will Baptist’s annual meeting will be rescheduled for a later date.


Missionary News

Panama: Free Will Baptist churches in Panama fill January and February with vacation Bible schools, camps, and retreats.  Pray God will use each event to strengthen the faith of Christians, bring others to salvation in Christ, and promote fellowship among the churches.  The Chame seminary property will be used for several events during these months.  Pray for a good enrollment for the 2014 academic year that begins the end of March.

Globally: Pray for missionaries and interns involved in their first years of ministry.  Pray for patience and fortitude as they struggle with language and/or cultural acquisition.  Ask God to remind them the most important thing they can do is maintain a vital relationship with Him.

Japan: Pray for Doug and Miriam Bishop as they continue to adjust, serve, and learn in Hokkaido.  Pray for the unsaved friend who has listened to Doug preach and accepted a Bible.  Pray he will be drawn to read and understand the truths he most needs at this time.   Pray also for an engaged couple with whom the Bishops are interacting.  Ask God to help H. and M. recognize that what draws them to Doug and Miriam is Christ living in them.

Bulgaria: Pray for Josh and Lydia Provow as they travel and speak throughout Texas (12 churches and two association meetings) in February.  Pray for Lydia’s pregnancy (due April 25th) and overall health as they travel and prepare to move to Missouri in March.  Pray their daughters Naomi, Phoebe, and Zoe handle the travel and changes well.

France: Begin praying now for the preparation for a service specifically geared to non-Christians on April 25th in France.  Ask God to guide and orchestrate the planning.  Pray especially for Dennis and Carol Teague and Joel and Lydie Teague as they lead planning team.  Pray His Spirit will move Christians to be sensitive as they meet and interact with non-believers, recognizing any divine appointments He may place in their paths.  Pray the service will be instrumental in bringing many youth and young adults to Christ.

Stateside: Mark McPeakSam McVay, and David O spoke in the last of the services for the Alabama missions conference this past weekend.  Missionaries will be traveling throughout the country for services.  Pray for safety of travel.  Pray individuals will be challenged to deeper commitment to Christ and participation in the Great Commission through prayer, regular giving, and, perhaps, through going themselves.

Stateside: Pray for at least 900 churches to participate in this year’s World Missions Offering (WMO) in April.  Praise God for the 880 churches that indicated their intent to participate last year and more than $800,000 in financial support raised.  Ask Him to move, once again, on the hearts of Free Will Baptists so missionaries can labor overseas without financial concerns.


Bible Challenges

Bible Reading Challenge: Ephesians 6:1-20

Bible Memorization Challenge: Ephesians 3:1-21


Pastor’s Note

Obviously, we need to work on some communication issues!  We had a few families that didn’t get the call about our services being cancelled, yesterday.  Additionally, I forgot to put it on Fox 4, and we actually had a family come and visit…thankfully it is a family that Sharon and I know well enough that they called me, and even promised to come back on another Sunday for a visit!  All in all, we didn’t make the best impression, or handle this closing as well as past ones.  I had to wonder why; we actually made the decision to cancel services way earlier than normal.  We had more time to think it through, and make the decision…and we still messed it up.  The only thing I can think of is we don’t actually have a set process.  That’s going to change, and I hope we’ll do much better the next time.

In the meantime, please remember that if you have a question, you can always call me or call the deacon assigned to your family.  If you don’t know who your deacon is, stop by the office and I’ll be glad to introduce you!  Keep praying for the Lord to work in your life, and in the life of those around you.  We may miss a service now and then, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop serving the Lord.

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